Nebraska's fiscal situation is no longer working for Nebraskans. Taxes are simply too high and it's affecting our growth and population sustainment. We need to reduce spending, implement other sources of income, eliminate detrimental taxes, implement better fiscal transparency, and reduce our federal dependency. 

I am a proponent for the EPIC Consumption Tax plan. This plan would eliminate property, income, and inheritance taxes. It would right-size our tax system and ultimately allow taxpayers the freedom to decide how much and when they pay taxes.

More information about the EPIC Consumption Tax can be found here: EPIC Consumption Tax


The right to keep and bear arms was settled in 1791 with the adoption of the Second Amendment. I am a very strong advocate for, not only maintaining our constitutional right, but working to regain what has already been taken. I am a full believer that "an armed society, is a polite society." 

As a proponent for Constitutional Carry, I believe permits are infringement on our rights. Nebraskans have a full right to protect themselves without having to wait for government "approval". 


Our education system has a grave responsibility of teaching our children during the most pivotal years of their lives. It is important that our schools are educating our children with unbiased and appropriate curriculum that will set our future generations up for success. And as a state,  we will support our teachers with the tools they need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively as possible.

I also support and encourage homeschooling. Homeschooled children have proven that, depending on the child, an at-home education can be just as effective, and sometimes better, than a public school education. As a state, we should support any form of education that has proven effective and not take a "one size fits all" mentality. 


All humans were made equal under God. We should follow His example and ensure that basic and Constitutional rights are protected for ALL Nebraskans regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.


Small businesses are the life-blood of our economy. As a state leader, I promise to support small businesses in every capacity possible. I believe the best support a government can offer a small business is to stay out of their way. Limitations and regulations should be kept to an acceptable minimum and autonomy given to these private entities to work with their customers uninhibited.


Farmers and Ranchers are a lifeblood in our rural state. The agricultural industry and the people therein are important and a high priority to me. They need to be protected from federal overreach, high taxation (think property tax), and be allowed to freely operate with minimal government intervention. 


Life begins at conception. We have a duty and responsibility to protect the most vulnerable of humans and I promise to fight tirelessly for the unborn. As governor, I will fight everyday to completely end abortion in our state. Abortion equals murder.


Our most precious Nebraskans are also among the most vulnerable. Protecting and supporting our children is a top priority as Nebraska's Governor. Enhancing our foster care and adoption services to streamline and support our children, as well as protection from predators and aggressively eliminating human trafficking, is a top priority.


Championing conservative values and religious liberty, I will fight for the principles of faith, family and freedom to make Nebraska a better place to live and raise a family. Nebraskans have a constitutional right to choose and practice their own religion, or lack of, and I firmly stand to protect that right. I will also defend the pastor's rights to freely speak about their faith and religion.


Anyone willing to put their lives in harms way in service to their communities should be supported to the fullest extent by their government. I have utmost respect for individuals in our emergency services and military. As a governing body, it is our responsibility that these individuals are given autonomy to perform their duties effectively and provide support in times of need, on and off duty.


The #1 need communicated by rural Nebraskans is better internet services. Unfortunately, the current plan to integrate broadband is incomplete, at best. As governor, I will work with our legislature to ensure we are providing solutions for rural growth that will actually work. 


Risks to the integrity of our elections can be mitigated by a number of ways. These are the changes I believe would work best to secure our elections and keep them secure:

- Voter ID
- Watermarks, QR codes, and serial numbers on ballots
- Paper ballots only, no more computers
- Mail-in ballots by request and verification of address only


The situation with COVID-19 has proven that our governments are willing to put the health of the people last and strong arm mandates into place which violate the rights of the people. 

I do not support any health mandates, vaccine passports, or mandatory vaccinations. 


While controlled and vetted immigration is welcomed, illegal immigration has been hurting our economy and the safety of our communities for many years,  It needs to stop NOW.

As governor, it is my priority to support the closure of our southern border with as many resources as we can allocate. The southern border is not just a Texas issue, it's a national issue. If our federal government refuses to keep Americans safe then we will step up as a state.

Nebraskan companies and businesses have been supporting illegal immigration to increase their workforce. In some cases, these companies will directly bus illegal immigrants from the southern border. It is time to show that these companies are not above the law. 

Under my leadership as governor, our state inspectors will not be giving a 72-hour notice before inspection. We will setup an anonymous hotline for workers to identify the companies who are breaking the law. I will work closely with our local law enforcement to root out all businesses and companies that pay for illegal labor. We will impose stiff penalties on said companies to include arrest and aggressive prosecution.