"I have come from the bottom and worked my way up with honesty and integrity. I have learned through my life's journey that to enact true change one must be willing to face challenges with fortitude and determination. As Governor, I will approach challenges with the same perseverance to better Nebraskans as I have done to better my own life. This isn't just about politics, this is personal."

A Nebraska native since 1997, Breland, his parents, and two siblings have settled roots in this state they call "home". He grew up in northeast Nebraska 5-miles outside of a small town called Belden.

He was raised in a rural area on a small homestead where he was homeschooled and worked tending to animals and non-commercial farming.

Breland has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for 10 years. They have two children, Dannika and Jackson, and a German Shepherd named Meeka. They currently reside in Elkhorn.

Breland and his family are members of the Westside Community Church in Omaha.

Breland is employed as the IT Manager for Skarda Equipment Company, a Nebraska company in business for 50 years. Before this, he worked at Nebraska Medicine in IT, and was also a Department of Defense contractor with the U.S. Air Force. 


Breland takes problem-solving to new a new level. With a 360-degree perspective, there is no problem too big to find a solution for. An effective governor must be able to work with people, and Breland knows people. His strong suit is being a leader, bringing the right minds together, and developing a fix to the festering issues of this state once and for all.

As governor, Breland will work closely with State Legislature and Nebraskan citizens to create effective solutions that do not impede on the people's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.

Breland holds dear the principles of freedom, smaller government, and a fair-shake to all. Breland is not a talker, but a doer. He stands firm on what is true and right. A man of his word, you can rest assured there will be no empty promises like what we have heard from too many politicians before him.

Breland's top five priorities are:
1. Restoring and protecting our Constitutional Rights
2. Ending Abortion

3. Restoring election integrity

4. Eliminating property taxes

5. Establishing rural broadband internet